May Day 2016 Stall Application Details

Trade Union, voluntary, political and campaigning stalls

The Bristol Trades Union Council May Day Committee welcomes applications for stalls from a wide variety of organisations. The diversity of stalls adds to the enjoyment of the event and helps promote progressive causes. The event has limited space and whilst all applications received by the deadline will be considered, we are unable to guarantee a stall. Priority is given to campaigns that are trade union backed and fall within the Bristol TUC campaigning objectives. The Bristol TUC reserves the right to refuse applications and its decision shall be final.

There will be a cost of £5.00 per stall. Wristbands for your workers/supporters will be made available at no extra cost.

Set up times and vehicle access

Set up between the hours 11:00am – 1:00pm. Car parking charges will apply, see for charges Trinity Centre Parking Charges

Pack away between the hours of 4.30pm-5pm


Access to electricity will be limited. You will be provided with one trestle table and 2 chairs per stall.

Postal/email applications

An application for can be downloaded from May Day 2016 TU/Campaign Stall Application form

Costs, payment and closing dates
Payment for your stall of £5 can be paid on the day or by sending a cheque made payable to Bristol TUC to Bristol TUC, 52 Gordon Ave, Whitehall, Bristol, BS5 7DS. Your cheque will not be cashed until a decision has been made and a confirmation letter has been sent to you.

Cancellations can take place up until the end of April for a full refund.