Bristol Trades Union Council (Bristol TUC), brings together trade unions, in the Bristol area, to campaign around issues affecting working people whether these issues be in their workplaces or local communities. With 13 national Trade Unions affiliated through their many local Branches, Bristol Trades Union Council represents 30,000 working people from all walks of life, we campaign for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad. Bristol Trades Union Council believes in full employment and work for all those who want it, but those who cannot work should get decent benefits that lift them out of poverty.

Bristol Trades Union Council believes that strong unions matter, which is why we support TUC campaigns to build trade union membership, improve workplaces and speak on behalf of working people and their families.

Bristol Trades Union Council believes that strong unions matter, which is why we support TUC campaigns to build trade union membership, improve workplaces and speak on behalf of working people and their families. Bristol Trades Union Council which is recognised as a County Trades Union Council is represented along with 16 other South West Trades Union Councils at the South West TUC Regional Council. We are also entitled to sends delegates and Resolutions to the National Annual Conference of Trades Union Councils.

The national Annual Conference is organised by the Trades Union Councils’ Joint Consultative Committee (TUCJCC). The TUCJCC meets five times a year and consists of one elected trades union council delegate from each of the regions and members of the General Council of the TUC. The TUCJCC was established in 1925 and acts as an advisory and consultative committee on all matters concerning trades union councils. This enables the General Council on issues affecting trades union councils to consider their perspective before taking a final decision.

The annual conference of trades union councils discusses resolutions and amendments submitted by County Associations and draws up a programme of work outlining key priorities and campaigning objects for trades union councils. The current programme of work can be found at Trades Union Councils 2017-2018 Programme Of Work .

A more detailed explanation on the role that trades union councils play within the TUC can be found here Unions in the Community

To support trades union councils in locally implementing the campaigns outlined in the programme of work, the TUC General Council has established a development grant. Grants of up to £300 are distributed by TUC Regional Secretaries for activities developed in line with this programme.

Bristol Trades Union Council campaigns for decent employment rights, and supports unions to make the most of advances in employment protection. To find out whether the law can help you, visit the TUC’s know your rights area.

It took union campaigns to deliver the comprehensive health and safety legislation that Bristol workers enjoys today. But it takes union know how, resources and campaigns to make workplaces as safe as possible. That’s why Bristol Trades Council tirelessly encourages trade union health and safety representatives to take advantage of the high calibre resources and training provided by the TUC and individual trade unions. This is the reason why union workplaces are safer workplaces. For more information visit the TUC’s health and safety area.

Bristol Trades Union Council campaigns against discrimination at work and in the community. Trade Unions have always been at the forefront of the drive for equality at work, whether through the struggle for equal pay, through tackling racism or working for equal access to learning and skills. The equality issues section of the TUC’s website will keep you up to date with the latest equality information.

Bristol Trades Union Council has always been internationalist and supports workers throughout the world fighting for social justice. In particular, Bristol Trades Council has links with organisations campaigning in solidarity with the peoples of Chile, Iran and Palestine.

With the threats of racism, sexism, homophobia and ageism, changes in the labour market and debates over the future of public services, the trade union voice in Bristol is as important as ever. Bristol Trades Union Council in providing a local response organises trade unionists into coalitions with other progressive forces to campaign on all the issues raised above.

If you want to become involved in the work of Bristol Trades Union Council contact your local trade union branch and ask them to elect you as a delegate. If your trade union branch isn’t affiliated to Bristol Trades Union Council, information on how to affiliate can be found at get involved

If you want to read about our history, it can be found here Bristol Trades Union Council (1873-1973)

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