Get Involved

Join or become active in a trade union

If you’re not already a member of a trade union you have a legal right to join a union if you wish to do so and you can’t be disadvantaged in any way at work just because you are a union member. More information on finding an appropriate trade union can be found in the TUC join union area.

Many of the rights we enjoy at work have been won by union campaigning. Trade unions campaign to protect and improve the conditions of their members, working people.

Workplaces with active trade union members often benefit from better wages, safer workplaces and better conditions at work as the trade union can negotiate these improvements with the employer.

Trade unions both provide education and encourage employers to offer training to their employees, allowing employees to develop and increase their skills and therefore giving them more opportunities.

Trade unions provide advice, protection and representation at work.

Affiliate to or become active with Bristol Trades Union Council

Bristol Trades Union Council consists of delegates from trade union branches based in the Bristol area.

If you want to become involved in the work of Bristol Trades Union Council contact your local trade union branch and ask them to elect you as a delegate. If your trade union branch isn’t affiliated to Bristol Trades Union Council get them to affiliate.

For further information on affiliation or becoming involved in Bristol Trades Union Council, please send a message to

Meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of the month. In August there is no meeting and in December the meeting is arranged earlier in the month.