Take TTIP out of the dark!

The EU is negotiating a wide-ranging deal with the US that will destroy many of the laws and services that protect our health. This deal is called ‘TTIP’, and it’s so damaging to our way of life that bureaucrats are negotiating it in secret. But we can change that. Please sign the Europe-wide petition today, and make sure this trade deal is brought out into the open and debated properly.

Sign the petition here >>> EU TTIP debate petition

This petition is called a “European Citizens’ Initiative” – it means that if one million Europeans sign it,  it will force a debate in the EU parliament. By working together, Europeans acheived this with ‘right to water’ legislation – it can be done with TTIP too.

If TTIP passes, companies could sue our government if it passed laws to renationalise our NHS, or protect our health. This has already happened in other countries with similar deals. Slovakia was sued for trying to nationalise part of its healthcare service. And Australia is being sued for trying to introduce plain cigarette packets. TTIP isn’t a hypothetical threat. It could destroy everything we’ve fought for.

And it gets worse. If companies wanted to sue our government, they can do so in a secret court. There will be no public outcry about what they’re trying to do because in most cases, we won’t know it has happened until it’s too late. This deal is so secretive, and the consequences so potentially far-reaching, that the Guardian labelled it ‘a gunpowder plot against democracy’.  If  this deal isn’t debated in the open, we may never know the full scale of the havoc it could wreck.

Act now. Another round of negotiations is scheduled to happen shortly. We have to make sure we can get a debate before much more progress is made. Please sign the petition today and let’s get TTIP out in the open.

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