Bring Back the 25 Bus

The “Bring Back the 25 Bus campaign” is calling for the reinstatement of the Bristol number 25 bus that served the communities of St Pauls, St Werburghs, Lockleaze, Ashton and Redcliffe. This service was axed, by First Bus, in April 2014.

The campaign was set up by Bristol Area Unite Community Branch, they’ve had great support from Bristol Older Peoples Forum and the people of St Pauls, St Werburghs, Lockleaze, Ashton and Redcliffe. Their petition calling for the return of the service and other lost services was handed in to the full Bristol City cabinet on 11th November 2014. There were 2,695 signatories, including 10 councillors.

The current stage of the campaign is focusing on the Bristol Bus Challenge, where they are challenging councillors or prospective Bristol MPs, to travel with them on journeys that used to involve the 25 bus, but has become much more difficult since it was axed in April 2014. One councillor Gill Kirk has already taken the challenge. If you want to challenge your councillor to do this challenge the campaign would like to film it so please get in touch with the campaign! The email address of the campaign is –

They’ve also spoken about the campaign on Ujima Radio on 26/11/2014.

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