Protect our NHS – Flash Mob

There is a lot going on Saturday 13th December 2014 as part of the Bristol Bearpit as part of the “Love your NHS – Bearpit 2014”.

10am: Buggy Flash Mob: We want loads of mums and dads with pushchairs & toddlers to converge on the Bear Pit at 10am SHARP for about 15-20 minutes.
11:30am: the famous NHS Choir will be performing in the Bearpit!
2pm: NHS Appreciation Flash Mob: you’ll need to make a poster/notice to hang/stick on your back outlining why you love the NHS or want to thank it ( in letters large enough for people to read it without crowding others out) and simply reveal it on a signal from me and walk about the Bear pit letting people read it for five or ten minutes before covering it up again and wandering off.
4pm: Cyclist Flash mob: you’ll need a bike with lights, a balloon which will be given and to cycle into the pit and round it a couple of times ringing your bell or whatever and then departing.

The following Saturday, 20th December, at a time in the morning yet to be finalised, you will have the chance to be one of Nye Bevan’s ghosts (he has spun in his grave so many times that he has multiplied!). You will be directed to walk about and may have a very simple line or sound to make. There may well be some degree of performance from other characters, again yet to be agreed.

An appropriate mask to wear but you must bring your own white sheet and the means to fix it around yourself.

If you’re up for any of the last three events please contact Tone H on email:

We need you to make it happen!
Protect our NHS
The NHS – For People NOT for Profit

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