NHS strike day: 29th January 2015

The nation’s health workers, including workers in Bristol, will step up their fight over NHS pay with an escalation in strike action in the new year.

Two days of strike action on 29 January and 24 February 2015 will see tens of thousands of NHS staff, members of the country’s leading health unions, walk out for 12 hours and 24 hours respectively over the government’s continued refusal to award a one per cent pay rise to all NHS staff as recommended by the NHS pay review body (PRB).

The unions will also be escalating the action short of a strike with members working to rule and taking their full breaks for a longer period.

The action marks a significant escalation in the ongoing pay dispute which has seen NHS staff in England and Northern Ireland take part in two four-hour strikes last October and November.

Bristol Trades Union Council ( Bristol TUC ) says support the NHS workers at a Hospital or Ambulance station near you!


  1. Bristol Trades Union Council (Bristol TUC) urges support for NHS workers this coming Thursday.

    If you can’t support in person both Unison and Unite are asking every one, to take 5 minutes, to support Bristol NHS staff by emailing local MPs to put pressure on the minister and employers so that they talk to the health unions about a fair deal for health staff.

    To find out what you can do visit Unison NHS pay support or Unite NHS pay support web pages.


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