Going through the change!


A Bristol Radical History Group event
Sunday 1st March 8pm (£5 / £4 )
The Cube Cinema, Dove St, Bristol

The 1984/5 Miners’ strike changed their lives and for the feisty Women Against Pit Closures there was “No Going Back!”

Joined by stars from picket lines, peace camps and war zones, Going Through the Change, features some of the most experienced frontline voices of the past 30 years.

“Inspiring! STRONG WOMEN all over the place, wonderful women! We need each other!” PEGGY SEEGER – Folk Queen.

“It brilliantly shows a sassy, fearless movement” MORNING STAR.
“This is no piece of nostalgia – it will have relevance to all those fighting injustice for years to come” BRENDA PROCTER National Chair Women Against Pit Closures.

A leaflet advertising the event can be found here Going through the change

One comment

  1. If anyone thinks the mining communities were universally defeated and destroyed by the Thatcher government after the miner’ strike of 1984/85 then think again and go and see this film. Women against Pit Closures have been meeting, organising and supporting women in struggle ever since. This film tell the stories of the women behind these struggles from the Liverpool Dock Strike to the Hillingdon Hospital women strikers who fought for two and half years to get their jobs back, after being unfairly dismissed, and won. It is an inspiring film.



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