Trade unions vision for the South West

The South West TUC has adopted an alternative – positive – vision of how to make the South West a better place to live and work.

Written by unions across the South West, the publication calls for decent jobs, an investment in skills, equality in the workplace and beyond, a thriving local media, better transport links, affordable housing, a sustainable economy and strong public services.

Nigel Costley, Regional Secretary of the South West TUC, said: “The last few years have been hard for most working people. Pay has been squeezed, jobs have been lost, insecurity at work has risen and public services have been cut.

“The government tells us we have to face more of the same for years to come, but trade unions believe there is an alternative.

“We hope this document will provide an important contribution to the debate setting out a more hopeful, optimistic view for the future of our region.”

The vision also calls for better pay, more democracy at work and an end to privatisation in the health and education sectors.

The Vision can be downloaded here.

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