Workers Memorial Day March and Rally

Tuesday 28th April 2015, 1pm
Castle Park, Bristol

Assemble at
Tony Benn House, Victoria Street at 12.30 pm

Louise Raw, Historian
Peter Hughes, Unite
Lisa Middle, NUT
Steve Gibbs, UNISON and Secretary of the Bristol Hazards Group

A leaflet advertising the event can be found here Workers Memorial Day and more information about the campaign can be obtained from the Hazards Campaign.

Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living!

Trades Union Councils logo

The Bristol march and rally is organised by Bristol Trades Union Council


  1. In the evening a speaker from the alliance for cancer prevention spoke at a meeting organised by bristol hazards group. She highlighted the pledge made by The International Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Sharan Burrow that if you expose us, we’ll expose you.

    Here is the link for the alliance for cancer prevention website which is an excellent site and full of useful information for safety reps.

    ian wright UCATT


  2. Press Release

    Bristol Trades Council

    28 April is International Workers Memorial Day, and Bristol Trades Council (the local part of the TUC) is holding an event at 1.00 pm at the Workers Memorial plaque, just downhill from the old church in Castle Park in Bristol.

    The theme for this year’s Workers Memorial Day is “Ending Exposure to Hazardous Substances.”

    Local trade unionists, with their banners, will gather to hear speakers explain what trade unions are doing to protect workers from substances and practices that are a threat to their health.

    Socialist historian Louise Raw, who recently wrote a book on the Matchgirls Strike, will be speaking at the Bristol event, and says:

    “In 1888, 1,400 matchwomen went on strike over appalling working conditions, including exposure to lethal white phosphorus. We still face the problem of 1,400 UK workers dying as a result of their jobs every year. We need to fight as our brothers and sisters before us did, to maintain hard-won rights and prevent a return to Victorian conditions.

    Bristol Trades Council President, Hugh Kirkbride, says:

    “The motto of Workers Memorial Day is ‘Remember the dead, fight for the living,’ and Bristol trade unionists are gathering today to tell employers that workers being sacrificed for profit is no more acceptable than it was in the 19th century. Trade Unions will fight to to make every workplace a safe and healthy workplace.”


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