Union News South West – June 2015

The South West TUC publishes a monthly newsletter containing a wealth of information about trade union activities in the region. The latest edition can be found here Union News South West June 2015

The contents are –

Go Skippy tells workers to Go Home
More photographers laid off
South West is home working capital
Yeovil contract will sustain more than 1,000 jobs
Union membership up in the South West
Royal College of Midwives’ asks to join TUC
Union members receive more training
Safety and Migrant Workers
Migration eNote
It’s a Free World
Cornwall Convergence
What next for union learning in Cornwall?
Weakening workers’ rights is playing with fire
LiberTeas picnic at Tolpuddle
Walk for Southern Africa
Debate the response
20th June – march to end austerity now
Which way forward after the General Election?
It’s not rocket science
Culture of Protest
Organise, fight-back and fun
What has Europe ever done for us?
Angela remembered
Pride events

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