No to cuts to the Bush Residential Centre for disabled children

A petition has been launched to oppose the plans to reduce the number of beds available for overnight respite at The Bush Residential Centre for disabled children. The Council’s plans are to reduce the number of beds from 10 to 5 from September 2015. The petition can be found here –

Don’t Cut The Bush – Keep It As It Is!

The campaign to oppose the cuts is sponsored by the Bristol Unite Community Branch an affiliate to Bristol Trades Union Council.

The Bush residential unit for disabled children is a council run respite centre that disabled children can attend overnight, it is a 10 bed facility, especially adapted for different age groups and furnished with a sensory room and padded room as well as computer and outside play access.

The centre not only provides respite for parents and guardians but also affords the young people a sociable and independent atmosphere, which is very hard to get for young disabled people, especially those on the autism spectrum.

The Bush is also used as an emergency care centre when family or fostering care breaks down.

If the cuts happen there won’t be any room for emergency cases and families and children could well fall apart under the pressure

More information about the campaign can be found on their Facebook page – No to Cuts to the Bush Residential Centre for Disabled Children

The Bristol Unite Community Branch is very active in a number of campaigns across the City. Yo can find out what their doing on their Facebook page – Bristol Unite Community Branch

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