No To Austerity – 17th Sep 2015

No To Austerity

Malcolm X Community Centre
141 City Road, BS2 8YH
Thursday 17th September 2015
Doors Open 6.15pm, Starts 6.45pm

We’ve seen the vicious reality of Tory austerity & xenophobia in government’s callous response to the refugee crisis. We’ve seen Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity campaign win massive popular backing. So following a summer of mass protest this meeting will discuss what needs to be done next. Speakers include –

-> LINDSEY GERMAN, Stop the War Coalition & People’s Assembly
-> LEE JASPER, Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts & Movement Against Xenophobia
-> SHELLY ASQUITH, NUS Vice-President (Welfare)
-> MANDY ROBINSON, local Unison Women’s Officer & ‘Protect CCHP’
-> ANNA MCMULLEN, Green Councillor for Easton Ward, Bristol
-> [Chair] RICHARD CAPPS, Vice-Chair South West TUC & PCS Union

More information can be obtained from the Bristol People’s Assembly

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