Kill the Trade Union Bill

Kill the Trade Union Bill

Trade unions play a vital role in representing millions of workers, making sure they are treated fairly at work. And that works because employers and employees both have some power. Employers have to negotiate with workers – because the workers can take strike action if their employers don’t.

If this bill passes, the right to strike will be under threat. That will upset the power balance at work. Ordinary workers won’t have any power to stand up to their bosses – even when they’re being unreasonable. And that will mean worse pay and conditions for everyone, and workers unable to raise concerns about service cuts and safety.

Join the campaign to oppose this attack on the rights of working people and their unions. Show your support by signing the online petition to stop employers using agency temps to break strikes.

Over the coming months, maybe even years, we’re be campaigning against this vicious anti-trade union legislation. It is suggested to readers that they comment here about developments in the campaign such as meetings, links to articles that support our position or just comments.

On Tuesday 15th September 2015 the Morning Star had a free 12 page supplement with articles by Keith Ewing, John Hendy, Mick Cash, Mick Whelan and Matt Wrack. Links to the articles can be found here –

Kill the Bill: We must go global to help win local
Kill the Bill: Vindictive plans part of a broader assault on unions
Kill the Bill: Co-ordinated, solid campaign is needed
Kill the Bill: Tories not shy with boot
Kill the Bill: ‘Important’ must not mean ending rights
Kill the Bill: We killed a trade union bill in the ’70s – here’s how


  1. On Wednesday 16th September 2015 addressing the TUC Congress, Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said about the government introducing the Trade Union Bill that it was ““Forcing dissenters to wear armbands? Forcing them to register with the police? Has this government no history or imagination?”

    The full report can be found here – TUC: TU Bill ‘would have Disraeli spinning’ in the Morning Star.


  2. In Wednesday’s, 16th September 2015, Morning Star there were a couple of articles reporting on the debate at the TUC Congress 2015. The links are here –

    TUC Congress 2015: Unions ‘ready for all out fight’ against Bill

    TUC Congress 2015: Out of the office and onto the streets against this Bill

    Even Labour MPs are getting in on the act –

    Labour pledges to fight on against Bill attacking unions

    congratulations to them and their new leader.


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