Support the Junior Doctors strike

FORTY thousand junior doctors voted for strike action, with a majority of 98 per cent on a 76 per cent turnout, in protest at Government plans to impose new working conditions and pay structures.The proposed changes would remove enhanced wage levels for weekend working and could lead to junior doctors being forced to work for long hours that would leave them too tired to make safe decisions about patient care.

They now plan to walk out on the 1st, 8th and 16th of December. They will be on standby to return to work if there is an emergency but they will not do any routine work.

Bristol Trades Union Council is urging all trade unionists to support the junior doctor picket lines and other events that they are organising over the next few weeks.

Dr. Richard Ibitoye, Severn BMA Regional JDC Chair has provided us with the following


This will occur from 8am till at least about 12pm at the following hospitals:

Southmead Hospital (NBT, Bristol)
University Hospitals Bristol (UHB, Bristol)

The BMA are of course ever grateful for support and welcome other trade unionists to visit the pickets. In view however of very tight picketing restrictions (6 per entrance) and anticipated appetite for doctors to also support pickets, the pickets themselves may not be the ideal place to join the striking doctors.

The BMA are also arranging a range of local afternoon events where other trade unionists support would be most welcome.

Afternoon Events

Meet the doctors events are being planned for the afternoon and in Bristol will be at:

Millenium square fountains
Clifton triangle
Turbo island (Stokes croft)
North street

Cabot circus/Cribbs Causeway are being explored but are permission-dependent.

These meet the doctors events will start from 10am in view of tight restrictions on picketing, to allow doctors to get involved early.

For Bristol based reps, Dr Lucy Pocock and her team are also hosting a stall at the North Street Christmas Fair on Saturday 28th November 2015 from 10am to 4pm, trying to engage with the public and explain about the contract row, dispel the myths perpetuated by the government and reassure people that they’ll be safe on strike days. They’re also trying to spread a bigger “save the NHS” message.

In addition to this, the Bristol Health Sector Branch are hosting a pre-strike meeting on Monday 30th November from 7pm – details can be found here Support the junior doctors strike

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  1. Facing this prospect of an unprecedented strike by hospital doctors, Mr Hunt has backed down and agreed to talks.

    The strike action has been suspended until January 13, while the doctors’ professional body and union the British Medical Association (BMA) considers new proposals from NHS management, signalling a climbdown by the Health Secretary.


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