Stop Trident, Stop the bombing, #WELFARENOTWARFARE

Tuesday 2nd February, 7-8.30pm

Trinity Centre, Trinity Road,
Bristol, BS2 0NW

Speakers include:

Rebecca Johnson, CND
John Rees, Stop The War
Shahrar Ali, Deputy Leader of Green Party
Mhairi Threlfall, Labour Party councillor

The government will push through a vote in parliament this summer on renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system. Jeremy Corbyn has made clear his opposition to spending £183 billion on weapons of mass destruction while our public services are being destroyed by austerity. Jobs on these deadly systems could be converted into sustainable jobs making things we need.

Come and hear about the issues, such as diversification, and join this discussion in the build up to the anti-Trident demonstration in London on the 27th February and to the vote in parliament on renewal of Trident.

Meeting sponsored by Bristol Stop The War Coalition, Bristol Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament and Bristol People’s Assembly Against Austerity.


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