Refugees welcome here

Public rally
Tuesday 8th March 2016, 7.30pm


City Road Baptist Church
2-4 City Road, Stokes Croft, BS2 8TP
NO to racism
No to anti-Semitism
No Islamophobia
YES to diversity!
Hosted by Stand Up to Racism
Speakers include:
Marvin Rees (Labour’s Candidate for Mayor of Bristol 2016)
Tony Dyer (Green Party Candidate for Mayor of Bristol 2016)
Joanne Kaye (South West Regional Secretary – Unison)

There is a growing campaign against refugees and Muslims across Europe.

Refugees have been locked out by border fences, abandoned to freeze in makeshift camps or been left to drown in the Mediterranean.

David Cameron’s New Year’s message ramped up racism, effectively branding all refugees and Muslims as “the enemy within”.

In Britain the government- sponsored Prevent programme (which encourages spying on and intimidation of Muslims at school and universities) has been used to scapegoat Muslim communities.

Stand Up to Racism is calling on all anti-racists to say ‘Refugees are welcome here’ and to oppose Islamophobia.

With others, we have organised solidarity trips to Calais, raised thousands of pounds for refugees, and helped organise solidarity with Muslim communities.

Come to this meeting to discuss these issues, and how we can stand up to racism

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