Union News South West March 2016

The South West TUC publishes a monthly newsletter containing a wealth of information about trade union activities in the region. The latest edition can be found here Union News South West March 2016

The contents are –

Union pay-back
International Labour Organisation urges rethink
TUC welcomes Bruce Carr’s concerns
Jobs in Exeter and Plymouth ‘most at risk from robots’
Unionlearn sponsors South Devon Jobs Fair
Work Your Proper Hours Day
A Day’s Work
Pay gap between black and white workers
Reframing Racism
Bristol Stand up to Racism
EU: in or out
How should trades unionists vote?
‘Europe, democracy & citizenship’ course in Exeter
Balls, Barriers and Bulldozers
Cuba’s changing – what about the workers?
Centenary of the Easter Rising
The Divide
Workplace experiences of LGBT workers
Football v Homophobia in Exeter
South West TUC Fairtrade Award
Union – led training earns big boost
South West TUC International Women’s Day event
Dorset Unison supports International
Women’s Day
Bristol Mayor matters for workers
Unveiling of Walter Ayles Plaque
One in eight people experience violence at work
South West TUC Annual Conference
Workers Memorial Day
Love at work
South West TUC Pensioners Conference

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