Union News South West June 2016

The South West TUC publishes a monthly newsletter containing a wealth of information about trade union activities in the region. The latest edition can be found here Union News South West June 2016

The contents are –

TUPE no more?
£38 a week pay cut
Brexit cost could run the NHS for three months
Global labour markets not EU that drive migration
Buses in Cornwall . . .
. . . and Bristol
E note on EU vote
Where’s north? Steering a race equality agenda
Unionlearn’s tenth birthday party
Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival
It will never be flat
Internationalism at Tolpuddle
Small Axe Radical Short Film Awards
Along the Exe for refugees
Torbay3Towns anti-cuts
Red Flag Over Bermondsey
Revolutions Per Minute
Schools fit for the future?
Dorchester gets ready to Try This…
Remembering the real war in Bristol
Slaughter No Remedy
Battle of the Somme
Smoke, Gas, Strikes, Metal and Slums
Radical Technology Revisited
South West TUC Pensioners’ Conference

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