Bristol Strike 4 Climate 29th November

Green Unions at work

Fri. 29th November, 11am,
College Green,

Bristol TUC is supporting this rally, more details can be found by following this facebook link Global Strike

At it’s July meeting Bristol TUC agreed to reinforce it’s campaigning against Climate Change. Trade unionists know the importance of standing up and taking action when change is necessary, we are supporting the fight against climate change to help protect the planet for our children and grandchildren.

Bristol TUC supports the November statement made by the TUC Trade unions are rising to the challenge of tackling the climate emergency   and will be working with the TUC  in the trade union campaign  Climate crisis and a just transition as agreed by the September 2019 TUC Conference.

What you can do –
Restrictive trade union laws make it very difficult for workers to go on strike but union members can still be out and campaigning in their workplaces. Some employers will allow or encourage their workers to take part. Talk to your employer about allowing staff time to attend local rallies.

Support your local protest

  1. Ask your employer to declare a climate emergency.
  2. Ask your union to declare a climate emergency.
  3. Follow this with a programme of action.
  4. Arrange lunch-time events and activities such as open discussions over the climate emergency and what more can be done at your workplace.
  5. Survey your workplace about what they think can be done to cut carbon use.
  6. Volunteer to be a green rep or encourage others to do so.
  7. Sign up to the TUC training for being a green rep
  8. To show our government that workers everywhere want action now, take a photo on the day and share it with others
  9. Get involved in your union’s climate actions

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