Tackling the far right

Tackling the far right

Far-right extremism is on the rise in Britain. Hate speech spreads unchecked online, and acts of far-right terrorism have rocketed. In our communities, in our elections and in everyday conversation, far-right mouthpieces are doing their best to spread their hateful message.

Tackling the far-right seems like too difficult a task for one person.

Where do you start? Can you alone make a difference? What can you actually do?

But unions have stronger weapons than the far-right — solidarity, trust, and of course, our union reps and activists. Together we can keep our workplaces hate-free.

There is a TUC Education e-note to help you do just that.

This short online course introduces the big issues and challenges. It identifies who the far-right are, how they get their messages out and how we can stop them.

Let’s not pretend this is easy – it might mean having difficult conversations with colleagues or having to campaign.

You can access the e-note here. Tackling the far right – e-note

Once you’ve completed it, please consider what you can do next to help tackle the far-right. This might include:

  • Encouraging fellow reps, or colleagues to take part
  • Discussing the issues raised at your labour movement meetings and agree an action plan
  • Sharing the e-note with fellow progressive networks
  • If you aren’t already, become a union member. If you are, consider becoming a rep.

The far-right love to exploit issues to divide our communities. As trade unionists, we cannot allow them a free pass on this.

Our history has shown us that when we stand together, we can defeat this hate.

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One comment

  1. On the 4th February 2020 the the TUC’s Trades Councils’ Joint Consultative Committee meeting discussed a work programme produced by the TUC called “Update – Combating the far right”.

    The work programme seeks to prioritise TUC activity on enabling reps and activists to challenge far right messaging, supporting campaigning among trade union members including online campaigning, organising in communities and internationally and engagement with government and state institutions.

    The work programme can be found here Update – Combating the far right


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