NHS workers say “NO!” to Public Sector pay inequality

NHS workers say 'NO!' to Public Sector pay inequality

Saturday 8th August
11am, College Green, Bristol

Facebook event: Bristol Protest for Pay Justice

Bristol health and social care workers will be protesting along with colleagues across the country demanding a 15% pay increase paid from 1 December 2020, in order to start recovering a decade of lost wages.

From the organisers: “We are calling on NHS staff and supporters to join us to send a clear message to the government. We do not accept your plans to exclude us from the public sector pay increase, and we will make ourselves heard until you listen.”

All attendees are asked to respect social distancing as much as possible and the planned route gives as much space as possible. Mask wearing will be mandatory, and masks will be available on the day for those that don’t have them. Attendees are asked to wear blue, or a blue ribbon in solidarity.

There will be several speakers including Sheila Caffrey President of Bristol Trades Union Council.

At 11.58 there will be 2 minutes of still silence for all our brave colleagues that lost their lives.

The march will then proceed to Castle Park, making as much noise as possible!

An online rally will also be taking place from 11:30am to 1pm for anyone who cannot join outdoor protests. Details can be found here Online DEMO for NHS PAY Justice

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  1. Sheila Caffrey, President Bristol Trades Union Council wrote

    “Some cuts don’t heal, we demand a better deal!” was the resounding chant from College Green to Castle Park, as health workers and supporters attended a 300-strong demo this Saturday.

    Throughout the pandemic, health workers have worked non-stop to the detriment of their safety, and in some cases their lives. Yet the government, sees them only worthy of throw-away praise and weekly claps, rather than a fully funded health service or a pay rise that would reflect the years of underfunding and over-work.

    There were speeches from nurses, students, mental health workers, as well as those in solidarity from Keep our NHS Public and Bristol Trades Council. All were impassioned to work together to defend the health service from privatisation, as well as to reverse the savage cuts seen throughout this government’s time in power. The call for a 15% pay rise for all staff, from cleaners to porters, from nurses to security was greeted with loud cheers and claps.

    Although no further plans for action have been yet, Bristol Trades Union Council fully supports the campaign and the need for these workers to be organised in unions to fight for the pay and conditions they deserve.

    At the NHS rally
    Bristol TUC banner at the NHS rally
    On the NHS march
    We deserve better


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