Safe Reopening of Schools Day of Action – Bristol

Friday, 21 August 2020
from 11:30-12:30
Wine Street, Bristol, BS1 2

Bristol Trades Union Council is calling for all to support this action.

All education workers want schools to reopen and say the best place children can be is back in school, learning, playing and socialising with their friends.

However, Britain is still in the midst of a global pandemic and the availability of vaccine for everyone is still out of sight for now. This means that all are still at risk of a deadly virus. It is still the clinically vulnerable staff, students, parents, grandparents, carers and members of our community who we most at risk to the virus.

As all in education go back to school we need to ensure our schools are safe. This means demanding amongst other things:
– weekly testing for all staff and any students whose parents wish to be tested
– continued shielding for any clinically vulnerable staff or anyone who lives with a clinically vulnerable person
– PPE for all cleaners in schools
– the availability to self-isolate on full-pay

More information on Facebook: Safe Reopening of Schools Day of Action – Bristol

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