PCS petition for fair pay

PCS petition for fair pay

At the request of Bristol PCS members Bristol Trades Union Council are asking you to show your anger at the decision by the Tory government to freeze public sector pay in the recent spending review by signing the PCS petition for fair pay.

The PCS petition for fair pay for UK government workers has seen a surge in popularity over the last few days as anger grows at the public sector pay freeze and they are well on our way to their target of 100,000 signatures.

The petition reached 91,000 signatures by Thursday 26th November with a surge in recent days following the Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak announcement, in the spending review, that there will be a public sector pay freeze for millions of workers. Jeremy Corbyn and other MPs have shared the petition on their social media accounts and urging people to sign and share it.

A pay freeze would be a slap in the face for millions of public sector workers who have worked hard to keep vital services running during the pandemic and who have suffered over a decade of pay restraint.

It is therefore crucial that we support PCS members and others who will suffer from this pay freeze by showing our disgust at the plans by signing and sharing the PCS online petition for fair pay for UK government workers and by reaching 100,000 signatures force MPs to debate the issue in parliament.

For more information about the campaign and a link to the petition visit PCS pay petition passes 90000 signatures

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