NHS Workers Say NO


Protest for NHS Patient Safety, Pay Justice and an End to Privatisation

Bristol NHS Workers Say No!

Saturday 3rd July  2021
11am meet at College Green
march to Castle Park

Join Bristol NHS Workers Say No and Protect Our NHS on the 73rd Birthday of the NHS to fight for the future of our National Health Service. We demand an end to privatisation and proper investment in the future of the service and the essential staff that keep it running.

Show the government that after 10 years of austerity and a global pandemic we need a restorative 15% payrise and to protect the NHS from privatisation.

More details can be found here Protest for NHS Patient Safety, Pay Justice and an End to Privatisation

This event will observe social distancing guidelines, and ask that all those that can wear a face covering.


Bristol Trades Union Council urges all trade unionists to support.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise any commercial advertisements appearing on this page aren’t endorsed or supported by Bristol Trades Union Council.

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