Bristol March for Jobs


Sat. 30 October 2021


College Green, Bristol

Support Unemployed Workers
Defend Jobs and Services

The number of claimants for work-related Universal Credit has more than doubled since March. The Office for National Statistics estimates that there are 3.4 million people actively seeking work. A large proportion of furloughed workers will not return to work. This will affect those who keep their jobs as well, as bosses attack our pay, hours, workloads and contractual rights. Unemployment is a product of the capitalist system which can only produce for profit, leaving millions idle while we need hospitals, schools, houses and a green new deal.

Join us at College Green as we rally to defend our jobs and services and deliver a petition of demands to Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, and Bristol City Council, as follows:

1) Not to cut any local authority jobs, lower local authority workers’ terms and conditions, or cut any services.

2) To provide resources, including premises, for the support and organisation of unemployed workers.

3) To launch a campaign with local trade unions calling on the government to provide jobs for all.

Organised by the Bristol Unemployed Workers’ Centre follow them on facebook

More details of the march and rally
can be found at Bristol March for Jobs

Supported by Bristol

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