International Workers Day – May Day 2022

Bristol Trades Council was pleased to celebrate with their traditional May Day March and rally today.

Messages in solidarity were brought to workers across Britain and internationally from the Trades Council, Unite Bristol Area Community Branch 001500, Bristol NEU, NEU Bristol and South Glos Young Educator Network, Unite Retired branch, Bristol UNISON, South Glos Unison, University of Bristol Unison, Unite Housing branch, NUJ, USDAW, socialist groups and activists.

The speeches were ended with a rallying cry from Bristol Trades Council President, Sheila Caffrey, “We need active, fighting, democratic unions that will take on the bosses, companies, councils and the government to make the changes we need. So, all workers should be in a union, therefore, if you’re not in one- make the decision to fight today and join one. If you are in one, make the decision today, to step up and campaign harder and louder. If you already fight hard and loud, then join Bristol Trades Council and help us link these campaigns to ensure we win!”

Solidarity! Workers of the world unite!

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