Young Workers

The Bristol Trades Union Council ( Bristol TUC ) believes that a decent job, access to decent work, quality housing and a voice and representation at work, are things that young people are entitled to expect rather than just hope for.

Current government policies on jobs and housing are failing young people. We are concerned about the crisis of representation of young people both at work and in the wider political debate. Turnout at the 2010 general election amongst 18 to 24 year olds was just 43% and less than 1 in 10 of workers aged 16-24 are members of a union.

Bristol TUC encourages young workers to get involved with the South West TUC Young Members Network who in late 2014 organised an Open Forum to discuss campaigns under the title “Housing for South West young workers” a report on the conference can be found in the TUC Young Workers Forum action bulletin No.4

The relationship between young workers and the trade union movement is outlined in the TUC’s young workers section where you can find information about how to join a union, your rights at work, the TUC Young Workers Forum, our Unions into Schools programme, rights for interns, apprenticeships and other campaigns on young workers issues.

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