Save Bristol’s Public Libraries!

The first phase of
Mayor Ferguson’s library
‘consultation’ draws to a close

The first phase of Mayor Ferguson’s library ‘consultation’ will culminate with a final meeting on Wednesday 17th 6pm-8pm at the Central Library. BADACA members will be attending to express concern at the likely impact of his planned £1million+ cuts and invite trade union members to join them.

There is still a need to challenge George Ferguson to a debate when the cuts programme for the libraries is announced early next year.

‘Independent’ Mayor George Ferguson would have you believe that their ‘Libraries for the Future’ consultation about Bristol’s public libraries is an exciting development and expansion of services for the thousands of regular users and thousands more occasional users. Behind their florid propaganda however lies a savage cut of £1.1 million per year – or 20% – from the budget.

Bristol Trades Union Council (Bristol TUC) and BADACA opposes all cuts to jobs & services – we will campaign to defend any threatened libraries & services. We believe that our local politicians – particularly those that portray themselves as on the left – should be fighting the cuts – not implementing them on behalf of Cameron & Clegg.

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