Climate Confusion: Let’s Blame the Media!

Bristol Festival of Ideas, Bristol National Union of Journalists and the Cabot Institute present the 2015 Benn Lecture.

Thu 29 October 2015

Social Sciences and Law Lecture Theatre,
Priory Road Complex, 12 Priory Road,
Bristol, BS8 1TU

Free Admission

One of the most prominent and best respected environmentalists in the world addresses climate change and the media. Jonathon Porritt believes this vital issue has never been high enough on the national agenda – with the media at least partly to blame. Looking back over the last decade, he argues, there are many reasons why it has proved so difficult to address the challenges of accelerating climate change with proportionate economic and political urgency here in the UK. For Porritt, the media has played its part in that sad and sorry story, through a combination of ignorance, indifference, a lack of creativity and wholly inappropriate notions of ‘balance’ in reporting. There have, of course, been many significant exceptions to that ‘rule’, he argues, but questions whether it’s going to be any better over the next decade.

Further information about the event including how to book tickets can be found here >

The event is free but you must reserve a ticket by following this link Climate Confusion: Let’s Blame the Media! . Up to date information about the event can be found by following the same link.

The theme was chosen to coincide with Bristol as European Green Capital 2015.

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