Challenging islamophobia

Challenging Islamophobia
Saturday 11th June

An informative, creative mix of talks by activists, academics and wonderful Bristolians, workshops, spoken word, short films, music, photography, artwork and delicious food.

Hosted by Lisa Whitehouse, the Founding Director at Interculture, an exciting new social enterprise that supports and celebrates intercultural communication through workshops , training and events. They have chosen Challenging Islamophobia as their first event in response to the continued unfair negative media representation of Muslims, the inhumane treatment of refugees and the PREVENT programme.

Speakers include:

Tariq Modood (Bristol University)
Hassan Mahamdallie (a writer , playwright and Director of the Muslim Institute)
Rizwan Ahmed ( Bristol Muslim Cultural Society)
Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI)
Maz Saleem ( Anti – racism campaigner)
Weyman Bennet ( Stand Up To Racism )

More information about the conference and how to book tickets can be found on the Interculture’s Launch Event : Challenging Islamophobia Facebook page

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