‘Refugees Welcome Here, Keep Racism out of the Referendum’ Rally

Saturday June 4th, 12noon

Join us at this rally, supported by Stand up to Racism, Bristol People’s Assembly, Bristol Stop the War, Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol, Bristol Refugee Rights, Tribe of Doris, Bristol Hospitality Network and Bristol Women of the World (WoW) and show your support for refugees!

Meet on the Centre by the Fountains. Bring banners, placards and friends. At the same time a group of racist, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee campaigners will be meeting elsewhere in Bristol.

More information can be found on Refugees Welcome Here! Bristol Rally Facebook event page.

The refugee crisis is currently defining European and British politics. David Cameron and his Conservative government are baulking at the prospect of letting just 3000 unaccompanied refugee children into Britain (equivalent to five children per parliamentary constituency), while deaths from drowning continue at an alarming rate at the edge of Fortress Europe. But many people in Britain are opposed to the government’s policies of keeping the borders shut.

Over 3000 demonstrated in Bristol late last summer saying ‘Refugees Are Welcome Here’ and a rapidly-growing Convoy to Calais is organised for June 18th by SUTR, the Peoples Assembly and Stop the War with a feeder convoy leaving from Bristol. Stand Up to Racism, alongside other organisations in the city want to support such initiatives and reverse the racist anti-refugee sentiment currently surrounding the EU Referendum.

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