Tories Out – Austerity Has Failed

National Demo at the
Conservative Party Conference
Sunday 2nd October 2016, assemble 11:30am
Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BD

Bristol Trades Union Council supports this National Demonstration called by The People’s Assembly and Midlands Region TUC.

Transport has been arranged to the demonstration. Bring your members, banners and friends.

Departs: Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AY
at 8:40am
Book your tickets at eventbrite

Local details about the demonstration can be found here at Bristol People’s Assembly

After six years of failed Tory policies the Tories have appointed a new prime minister to accelerate their austerity drive. It’s more urgent then ever for the trade union movement to go on the offensive to protect Jobs, defend living standards and to

  • demand an end to austerity policies
  • stand up to anti-immigrant racism
  • show our solidarity with refugees and migrants

Branches, reps, activists and Trades Union Council delegates should use this demonstration as an opportunity to speak to as many members as possible about resisting the attacks on their unions and communities.

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