Spain Against the Current (A Marea Granate Feature)

Marea Granate (Maroon Wave), the Spanish immigrants’ organisation, is inviting all to the Bristol premiere of ‘SPAIN AGAINST THE CURRENT’ (‘España contracorriente’), a 2016 Austrian documentary about alternatives that have flourished in Spain under tough circumstances.

After years of economic and social crisis, protests and demonstrations, there are a lot of people in Spain who don’t believe things are getting any better. However, instead of giving up, they are getting organised and bringing new ideas and ways to face the issues. Community kitchens, social housing, ethical banking and trade, new media and political parties… They are presenting an alternative.

Join them to discover what is happening in Spain, the reality hidden by the elites and manipulated or silenced by the mainstream media. The screening will be followed by an open debate.

More details can be found here – Spain Against the Current (A Marea Granate Feature)

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