The Lynching

Pro-Palestinian activist Jackie Walker, who was suspended from the Labour Party for alleged antisemitism, performs her one-woman play

The Lynching
Saturday 3rd February 2018
ARC/Palestine Museum
27 Broad Street Bristol BS1 2HG

Buy tickets from eventbrite by following this link The Lynching.

Jackie Walker tells the story the media wouldn’t let her tell you. Until recently, Jackie was a successful Labour activist campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn. Then her world exploded. She was accused of anti-Semitism, suspended from her party, and abused and demonised on TV and the internet. In this solo show, the audience becomes the jury as Jackie puts her case, based on a whole history of battling against racism. Jackie says, ‘This is a story of fake news, my fight for free speech and an attempt to smash the most radical political movement we have ever seen.’

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