Bristol Waste Pay Dispute

Bristol Waste bins

At it’s meeting on 28th November 2018 Bristol Trades Union Council (BTUC) gave it’s solidarity to the Unions at Bristol Waste as they negotiate a pay claim with this difficult employer.

At the meeting BTUC resolved to support the refuse workers if industrial action is called.

The full text of the solidarity message can be found below

“Bristol Trades Union Council notes the current dispute with refuse workers employed at Bristol Waste and represented by Unite, Unison and GMB.

We note:

  • the difficulties faced by workers in carrying out their job and the worsened conditions under which they are working
  • the lack of enough vehicles
  • the increased use of agency workers
  • the disproportionate pay rises given to managers in the company over the last three years
  • the failure to provide a realistic pay rise and the increased cost of pensions
  • that the workers have already accepted below inflation pay rises as a gesture of goodwill when Bristol Waste was set up

We support the Unions’ pay claim.

We call on Bristol City Council, the Mayor and local councillors to lobby the board of Bristol Waste to ensure that the pay claim is met in full.

We therefore resolve;

  • to support the refuse workers if industrial action is called and to make a donation towards their hardship fund
  • to send copies of this motion to the Mayor, Cabinet Members, Labour Councillors and Regional Officers of Unite, Unison and GMB.”
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