Bristol’s Housing Crisis

Homes for all

Bristol Trades Union Council will be in Bedminster to raise awareness about Bristol’s housing crisis and campaigning for secure and affordable housing for everyone. We’re pushing to stop rogue landlords ripping-off desperate renters and for housing prices to be affordable, so people can choose what type of home they’d like for their family, as well as choosing where to settle.

East Street, Bedminster

( close to British Heart Foundation )

Sat. 15th Dec. 2018
10:30 – 13:00

With typical house prices more than 10 times the average salary, and with high rents, Bristol and South Gloucestershire are expensive places to live.

That’s why the Bristol TUC is campaigning for action that build homes for everyone

House Bullet Pointfor more houses to be built by local councils;

House Bullet Pointto abolish the cap on Housing benefit;

House Bullet Pointfor the definition of “affordable” to be based on average wages not market rates;

House Bullet Pointfor secure tenancies in all sectors;

House Bullet Pointto end the “Right to Buy” in council and social housing;

House Bullet Point

for local council powers to take control of, or compulsory purchase unoccupied properties or land;

House Bullet Pointfor rent controls that relate to earnings, not scarcity of housing;

House Bullet Pointto stop unfair evictions;

Where to find us: On the day we’re on East Street, Bedminster, close to the British Heart Foundation shop. There will be a stall, the Bristol Trades Union Council banner and leaflets to distribute.

Please come and join us and give your support, either by volunteering to help distribute our leaflets and engaging with the workers of Bedminster. If you can volunteer for an hour or two just turn up between 10:30 and 13:00.

These are the leaflets. Click on an image to open up as a pdf.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise any commercial advertisements appearing on this page aren’t endorsed or supported by Bristol Trades Union Council.

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