Keep Striking for higher pay

Friday, 1st February 2019
Assemble 6pm at
College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TJ

Deliveroo couriers in Bristol will be taking strike action over low pay, unpaid work and a change in their booking system.

The Bristol Couriers Network will be striking for a range of demands. In particular they’ll be striking for:

  • £5 per drop
  • Paid waiting times of £10/hr, 17p/minute
  • Extra distance payment £1/mile
  • Recruitment freeze

So far strikes in Bristol have won:

  • 5 weeks of higher boosts
  • A meeting with the head of Rider Operations
  • Support from Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees
  • An agreement from the Bristol Mayor that moped couriers would not be fined for the use of loading bays when picking up and delivering
  • No victimisation
  • Agreement from Deliveroo that they will: work on allowing customers to tip after delivery, allow couriers to immediately see the second order address, work with the council to stop moped couriers paying fines for use of loading bays.

Please join them. Bring noise, TU banners and plenty of solidarity!

More information about the dispute can be found at Bristol Couriers’ demands

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