Rally For Jobs

Save our Jobs

Bristol Unite Community Branch have organised this rally and stall and will be handing out Unite Community material with a few labour movement speakers to attract attention. Other labour movement organisations have been invited to participate and to hand out their own material.

12 noon, Sat 24th October

Centre of Broadmead, Bristol
(between Barclays and Metro banks)

More information on Facebook: Rally for jobs

A flyer for the event can be downloaded click here >>>> Rally for jobs

Unemployment is already soaring and likely to spike further when the government ends the furlough scheme on 31st October. Unite has called for the scheme to be
extended to avoid the risk of ‘redundancy floodgates’ opening. We can’t let unemployment mar our communities and help bosses drive a race to the bottom
on terms and conditions. Join us in the centre of Broadmead, between Barclays and Metro banks as we rally for jobs.


Anyone who is experiencing possible Covid-19 symptoms or who has been in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms must not attend. This will be a socially distanced event. Please wear a mask if you can and take all necessary precautions to prevent the transmission of the disease. Masks will be available for
those who do not have them

Unless explicitly stated otherwise any commercial advertisements appearing on this page aren’t endorsed or supported by Bristol Trades Union Council.


  1. Roger Thomas spoke on behalf of Bristol Trades Union Council executive

    “We are here as trade unionists to fight the avalanche of redundancies that will happen once furlough ends.

    “We say defend every job, work with proper health and safety and full pay for those in workplaces forced to close. We fight for proper sick pay for everyone from day one of work.

    “The bosses want us to pay for this Coronavirus crisis, they don’t want to pay for it themselves. They want to increase their profit, their livelihood at the the expense of ordinary working class people. During the pandemic the richest have increased their wealth by 20%.
    “No one should have to make a choice between their health and being able to feed their family and keep a roof over their head.
    “Join us, support us, join your trade union, support your local trades union council, if you’re already a trade unionist, get your branch to affiliate. Let’s together fight against this attack by bosses on terms and conditions. Join us. Solidarity to you all.”


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