Key Workers Summit

Key Workers Summit

Thu, 26 Nov 2020 – 19:00 to 21:00

Summit will be held on Zoom

The Gloucester & District, Bristol and Bath Trades Councils invite friends, activists and other interested trade unionists to a Key Workers Summit where we will hear from key workers on the front lines. Our aim is to begin a broad discussion on how we can bring together trade unionists and trades councils in the South West to start thinking about what a campaign or campaigns could look like, to win for key workers. We will seek to identify ways of moving public focus back onto key workers, explore opportunities to collectively organise and to strengthen participation and activity in local Trade Councils

Do you remember a time not so long ago when we came to realise that society relied on groups of workers who were previously taken for granted? Workers in jobs that were often considered to be low skilled, of low status and with little respect or appreciation. We came to call them KEY WORKERS.

Although lauded during the lockdown, applauded each week by the public and the Prime Minister , this public expression of appreciation has not resulted in improvements to their pay and conditions, or the respect they receive from some members of the public.

There remain far too many workers in critical, unsung occupations who are poorly paid , often requiring in work benefits to get by. At the start of the year, the TUC found over 2 million key workers in Britain were on the minimum wage; ¾ of them in the private sector. Many of these workers are also in precarious employment, stuck on insecure work contracts with few benefits and treated appallingly.

Key workers have more than proved their worth during the pandemic. As trade unionists, we have always spoken up for workers who provide vital services to our communities and have always fought for better terms and conditions, and pay that truly reflects their high skills and value. This is a cause for which trades unions must continue to be active.

To get involved, and help win a better deal for our key workers, click on the link below to register.

TUC webpage of events: Key Workers Summit

Details can also be found on facebook Key Workers Summit
A flyer for the event can be downloaded click here >>>> Key Workers Summit

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